Thursday, October 06, 2005


Congratulations on the lock-out getting unlocked. You and Todd Maffin with his CBCunplugged get a lot of credit for rallying the gang and staying connected with Canada. Hope you get to talk about it all on air. CBC is so important. Can’t wait to hear your voice live on my radio again (reruns are not the same). I’ve missed you. Thank you for the Caravan. You’re the best! From one of the 11,000 Friends of Canadian Broadcasting who pestered Paul Martin unrelentingly...

- Jane Kilthei, Cowichan Bay, BC


Greetings Shelagh....A well earned and deserved victory for the people. Thanks for standing your ground. I was just looking back at The Caravan itinerary posted on Sept. 8. The the last date listed was Oct 3. A re you prescient, or did they have to wait until the solidarity caravan had completed its cross-Canada mission? I miss hearing you...

- Len Stephan, Seattle


Hi, Shelagh...

I writer this from Toronto (you remember...the centre of the Universe). I keep hearing that you guys will be able to return to work soon. I can't wait to hear you all back on the air. I have been following your exploits on line here. If there is anyone out there who hasn't quite grasped the relevance of the CBC, they should visit the Blogs and have a look and listen to what you have been doing.

I take it you are back in Vancouver at this time. Have a well earned rest before you go back into the studio. BTW. I first heard you on radio when I moved to Toronto from Montreal in 1977. You were on Metro Morning with Joe Cote as I recall. I knew then that you were special.

Bravo to you Shelagh and all your brothers and sisters at the CBC. I'm really looking forward to the doors being unlocked. And wouldn't I love to hear a "suit" explain why they were locked in the first place. But, let's focus on the positive.

Looking forward to your smile on the radio again. And, oh yeah, hope you'll be at the Toronto Women's Blues revue this year. All the best...

- Bob Bisnett, Toronto, Ontario


Hi there and hope you've recovered from your jet-lag: although going from East to West isn't bad, or at least that's what I've found! It was so nice to see you and on a special night, a night that not only benifited the Stephenville people,but we the Locked Out People! Looking forward to hearing your smile on the radio next week

- Jacinta Wall


I cannot tell you how happy I was when I opened my CBCUnlocked home page on Monday morning to find that there had been an agreement in principle for you guys to return to work. Hats off to you all for the creative ways in which you have stayed in touch with your public as well as for your courage. I loved the Shelagh's Caravan song by Jian. Well thought out. I am generally not a pro-union person, although I recognize the need for it. In this case however, I believe the lockout was uncalled for and I think that, should there have been negotiations taking place without a lockout, you would not have had to go through this ordeal and nor would we, as listeners, have missed out on all the quality radio programming for 50 long days. I am hooked on you guys. I hope you will be able to use all the rich experiences you have been through over the last 50 days to share them with your listeners in some of your programming.

- Maryse Migué


Dear Shelagh and Sue, I've been following your blog and sharing your adventure faithfully -- what a trip. And what a relief that there's a deal. That photo of the two of you is completely great -- I'm so proud to know you both, you creative, triumphant and passionate women!
I bet it's going to be hard to return to "normal" after this. Have a safe trip home, and I can't wait to hear you on the air again. Love,

- Susan


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