Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Shelagh, I've followed your adventure from the beginning and often think how proud (Peter Gzowski) would have been of all of his colleagues and friends across the country.

What talent, what spirit and what a rich time for all of you, despite the many difficulties and hardships that individuals needed to cope with because of the lockout.

Hard to believe that you'll return to your various 'posts' across the country without the desire to take all of the experiences of the past weeks and make wonderful radio.

The CBC is only as good as the people who make the shows, host the shows and dream about what might be possible. Turns out that almost anything can be done and I hope that those who 'manage' will have learned much in these past weeks about the creative and committed people who work there.

Safe journey home and see you soon.

- Gillian H.


Hi Shelagh, I had meant to write you and various other people earlier than this, but life had other plans for my September. My apologies for not expressing my support for you and your colleagues sooner.

CBC Radio has long been one of those constants in my life. The sound of Peter Gzowski's voice on the radio, mornings before I left for school . . . I can't remember any of the words he spoke, but my childhood would not have been the same without it. He's in there with sunshine pouring through the window, and the wind in my face while I raced downhill on my bike, and so many other of those childhood experiences that helped make me who I am, and that sustain me now that life isn't quite so simple.

During high school, and for some years after, I switched to commercial music radio, but two or three years ago I switched back to CBC. I tell other people that it was because I grew sick of the loud, obnoxious commercials, but . . . I'm not entirely sure that that's it. I think I missed the exercise -- the thinking -- that only the CBC seems to demand from me as a listener.

I miss you guys. Reruns of Quirks and Quarks are just not cutting it. Not that I thought they would. I've got nothing new or useful to say about this lockout -- and how much I think CBC's current managemen tneeds to be collecting their severance packages -- so I won't bore you with it. And I hear an agreement was reached tonight, so it's probably moot, anyway. But I do want to say that I very much lookforward to waking up to you and Sounds Like Canada someday soon.

To you and all the people involved in making CBC some of the best radio anywhere: thanks. Yours truly,

- Chris Poirier


Shelagh, Thank you for your news about Stephenville. Those poor people. That is such an awful situation and so depressing too. The fact that things are totally out of you control must just be so horrible for people. There is nothing one can do to stop these things. It makes me wonder why things like this have to happen. I guess I will never figure it out. People have tried to enlighten me but they have never given me an acceptable explanation....

My friend came and woke me up at 6:35 a.m. this morning, Oct. 3, to tell me that CBC and the union HAVE REACHED AN AGREEMENT.

I went from a total stunned state to almost instant excitement! If you have to get news at 6:35 a.m,this is the best! We are so happy for you and your team and everyone else.

Fifty days is a long time!


Shelagh, it is too bad that you and Sue couldn't go back to Fredricton and have another one of Dalton's drinks! However, I am not worried because I am sure that you will be able to find something good in Newfoundland!

Thanks again, Shelagh and Sue...you are both great and we have great respect for you -- we did before, but it is well established now.

- Florence, Toronto


Shelagh, I continue to enjoy your accounts from the Caravan. Where do you find all that energy and the commitment? Your fan,

- Marguerite McDonald


Hi Shelagh, Although I haven’t heard your podcasts since the lockout, I’ve read some of your blogs on the cbcunplugged site. I think travelling and ‘casting among your listeners across the nation is a brilliant lockout strategy. You’ve found a way to continue doing your job, in spite of the situation. Hope you and your crew are bearing up, on the road so long! Being among the many Canadians who want you and your colleagues back to work, with continued job security, I have emailed my MP, Prime Minister, and Minister of Labour; visited the CBC Vancouver picket line, signed petitions, and made a donation. I hope we see some positive results from the negotiations soon. I also want to belatedly thank you for your anchor role on the morning of September 11th, 2001. You helped give us a Canadian perspective on that pivotal tragedy. Best wishes,

- David R. Conn, public librarian and writer, Vancouver


Hi, my name is Marlena Ljepava (nee Chaisson), I currently live in Windsor, Ontario but was born and raised on the Port-au-Port Pens of (Newfoundland). As you are well aware of the flood disaster which stuck Stephenville on September 27, 2005; I have started a 1 woman campaign to raise money for the victims. I am asking for your help by promoting this trust fund info on your website or wherever possible. In the last 4-5 weeks all media attention has been on southern states and I feel like Newfoundalnd, Canada has fallen between the cracks. You can check out the trust fund info at the this website. Thank you so much for your time and understanding concerning this matter...

- Marlena Ljepava


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