Saturday, October 01, 2005


Hi! Hope things are going well in S'ville...Or as well as can be expected. I am certain that once you arrived, their spirits climbed just knowing that the word was getting out. Sent a cheque this a.m. Seems so little to do. Breath some salty Newfie air for me and feel the roar of the ocan as it laps onto Canada's first shore and know I am thankful that you made this incredible odyssey.Thinking of you and wishing you safe home. xoxo

- Paula


Hi Shelagh, What a great idea to do a roadtrip and what a wonderful and creative way to connect people together. Unable to be on the air, you worked with what was available. It reminds me of the quilting caption I have seen:

"When life hands you scraps, make quilts!"

I want to tell you how much I have and do appreciate your presence on the radio waves. Although we have never met in person, I view you and many of CBC Radio 1's show hosts as friends, a constant that is always there, day by day, year after year as I go through the joys and sorrows of life. Thank you all for that...Hoping to have you back on the air ASAP.

In the meantime, be safe and happy and hoping you enjoy your time in Newfoundland (my home). Fondest regards,

- Marianne Blair-Cutler, Lower Sackville, NS


Hi Shelagh & Sue...In the case you missed this on page R31 of today's Globe (and Mail):

Rest Stops On The Web highway


Friday, September 30, 2005

...I'd like to make two points before this miserable CBC lockout ends -- and may it end right this minute.

First: Shelagh Rogers has a weblog....which brings us (on a)...cross-country tour.

Shelagh (first name only, please) has embarked on a pan-Canadian road trip with a couple of locked-out producers.

They're headed from British Columbia to Newfoundland, hoping the lockout ends before they make it, and they're blogging the trip.

Shelagh returns to downtown Toronto.

Shelagh seeks out Dalton Camp's old bar in Fredericton.

Shelagh hits a raccoon.

The blog is called Shelagh.

It's fun.

Second: In the weeks since the lockout began, CBC workers have achieved the next best thing to saturation coverage of themselves on-line (the Internet, being more or less infinite, is impossible to saturate.)

There are at least 53 individual blogs about the lockout, which feed a handful of very professional top-level websites...

- Mark


Here's to my absent friends... Shelagh, Sue and Sean, I felt tipsy just reading what goes into a "Dalton."

Glad to hear you lived to drink and then tell the tale. Keep swimming, keep drinking, keep blogging (not necessarily in that order). From Halifax to DeerLake to St. John's. You'll be home in no time.

- Leanne


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